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Types of UK Credit Cards

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Everybody have different financial problems and therefore they need different financial solutions a credit card. Some may need it to clear other loans some may require it for purchase purposes, while some may wish to obtain the reward points.


The credit card companies point out your needs and offers the good solution. Have a look on the UK market credit cards and what they are offering for customer’s satisfaction purposes.

Purchases Credit Cards

The credit cards are mostly used for making purchases when you don’t have enough cash or you don’t want to spend it. This is like an instant loan. To the benefits of credit card users, credit card issuing bank also taking the responsibility of the delivery of your goods purchased via its credit cards.


As initial three to six months are without any interest rate on purchases, it is more exciting for the uses. Beyond this period, you have to pay the standard APR. By changing the credit card every six months, you can continue enjoying the 0 percent interest rate on purchases.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you wish to clear you outstanding debt, credit cards are a best bet to save you from paying high interest rates. In UK credit card market, two type of credit cards for shifting your dues. In first type, you get zero percent interest rate in the initial 6 to 12 months of card’s use.


Post six months, you need to pay higher interest rates for the outstanding on your BT credit card. The solution or trick on this is changing your credit card every six months to use the 0% interest rates. In other type of credit card, you have to pay 4-6 percent APR for as long as you hold the credit card. On any extra purchases, you need to pay the prevailing APR on it.

Cash Back or Rewards

Credit cards offer you some reward points on the amount you are taking via their cards. You may use these points to obtain the cash back on your card. But, normally these cards offer higher interest rates than their peers. Therefore, be careful and confirm the rates from your credit card banks.


Low Standard Rate

If you are hopping to use your credit card for a long, you must find out the options offering you a minimum standard APR which is 14.9 percent to 15.9 percent as per the company standards.


Standard Use

Standard credit cards are best solution for multiple purposes use.

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